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16 Rules for Success


Which Offer Pulled Best?


Controversy! Gunfire Erupts Over "9 Most Important Words in Marketing History"


The Most Important 9-Word Sentence in Marketing History


A Simple 7-Step Formula for Succeeding Online


How to Name Your Product


The “Fuzzy Dice” Secret For Exploding Your Sales


The Secret of the Monkey’s Fist


6 Little Words That Boost Your Sales


How to Be Lucky


How to Get Anything You Want in Life


The Secret of Happiness (A Holiday Message)


The Secret "Trigger Word" That Makes More of Your Prospects Say Yes Than Any Other Word in the English Language


The Most Persuasive Tool in Advertising and How to Use It


The Secret of How to Turn a Setback into Triumph—in Marketing or in Life


Can You Pick the Winning Headline?



The 7-Letter Word That Instantly Multiplies Your Creativity 11-Fold


The Secret of the Red Shirts


The Most Important Advertising Question


The Two Most Powerful Words in Advertising. (No, they're not FREE and NEW.)


Advertising Is War, Minus the Venom


The Credo Technique

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