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#29 The Secret of How to Sell Anything
#28 3 Secrets for Multiplying Your Productivity, Success, Income, and Personal Happiness as a Copywriter or Marketer 
#27 The 3 Greatest Copywriting Lessons I’ve Ever Learned 
#26 The #1 Strategy for Exploding Your Productivity This Year
#25 The “Golden Key” of Persuasion
#24 The “Borden Formula” for Giving a Great Speech …or Writing a Potent Headline
#23 The One Word That Teaches Almost Everything
#22 16 Rules for Success
#21 Which Offer Pulled Best?
#20 Controversy! Gunfire Erupts Over “9 Most Important Words in Marketing History”
#19 The Most Important 9-Word Sentence in Marketing History
#18 A Simple 7-Step Formula for Succeeding Online
#17 How to Name Your Product
#16 The “Fuzzy Dice” Secret For Exploding Your Sales
#15 The Secret of the Monkey’s Fist
#14 6 Little Words That Boost Your Sales
#13 How to Be Lucky
#12 How to Get Anything You Want in Life
#11 The Secret of Happiness (A Holiday Message)
#10 The Secret “Trigger Word” That Makes More of Your Prospects Say Yes Than Any Other Word in the English Language
#9 The Most Persuasive Tool in Advertising and How to Use It
#8 The Secret of How to Turn a Setback into Triumph—in Marketing or in Life
#7 Can You Pick the Winning Headline?
#6 The 7-Letter Word That Instantly Multiplies Your Creativity 11-Fold
#5 The Secret of the Red Shirts
#4 The Most Important Advertising Question
#3 The Two Most Powerful Words in Advertising. (No, they’re not FREE and NEW.)
#2 Advertising Is War, Minus the Venom
#1 The Credo Technique

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