On the eve of his retirement
and no longer accepting clients,
the direct response copywriter
named “Best in America”Asterisks Small Red
finally reveals his
most powerful trade secrets
for boosting
your advertising response—
on the internet,
in direct mail and space.

Asterisks Small Red By Boardroom, Inc. and other leading direct marketers. Please see credentials below.

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Dear Marketing Top Gun:

Are you looking for a “magic bullet” to boost your response online, in direct mail or space?

Then step forward, fellow gunslinger, and let me strap across your worthy shoulders a full bandoleer.

These “magic bullets of higher response” are the most explosively powerful secrets I’ve ever discovered from literally tens of millions of dollars of scientific advertising tests for many of the largest, most successful direct marketers in America.

Each of these bullets can easily boost your response by maybe 15%, 25%, 30% or more. Use them together and the cumulative effect is often an explosion in response of 75%, 125%, sometimes even 200% or more.

These bullets are yours free, thanks to a new e-letter for direct marketers, called Bencivenga Bullets.

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Who Am I to Make Such Promises?

My name is Gary Bencivenga. I’ve spent the last 38 years painstakingly collecting and applying every secret I could find to help America’s leading direct marketers achieve breakthrough response.

I broke into direct marketing working with Hall-of-Fame copywriters John Caples at BBDO and later David Ogilvy at Ogilvy & Mather, both of whom taught me quite a few tricks for systematically beating almost any control, even the strong ones.

After them, I was blessed to work with a series of tough-as-sandpaper copy chiefs and smart-as-a-whip clients, including Ted Nicholas and Max Sackheim, who taught me their battle-tested secrets for beating control packages and space ads.

Over the years, I’ve supervised literally thousands of split-run tests and collected—like beautiful butterflies—the most powerful techniques to use in headlines, offers, formats, copy and design of direct response advertising.

But rather than toot my own horn about the hundreds of breakthrough promotions these techniques have made possible, allow me to quote what others have said about my work….

"America's Best Copywriter" —Brian Kurtz
"Gary Bencivenga is America's best copywriter, the gold standard. In basketball, everyone wants to 'be like Mike.' In copywriting, everyone wants to 'be like Gary.' In fact, when new writers pitch us to try to get assignments, they know that if they tell us they are a 'student' of Gary Bencivenga, whether self-taught or not, that is the best way to get in the door at Boardroom."
Brian Kurtz, Boardroom, Inc. (publishers of Bottom Line Personal)
"World's greatest copywriter."KCI Communications
"Best copywriter in the world."Marty Chenard, Advanced Business Strategies
"Many people think Gary Bencivenga is the best copywriter on earth. And, believe it or not, it's hard for even me to dispute that."
Gary Halbert, The Gary Halbert Letter (12/29/93 issue, page 7)
"His Controls Are Nearly Impossible to Beat" —John Carlton
"Hall of Fame copywriter Gary Bencivenga ( is without question one of the top 3 greatest living direct response copywriters in the world, with decades of monster winners for large mailers like Boardroom, Phillips and Rodale.
His respect among peers is infinite, and his controls are nearly impossible to beat. I had my first big breakthrough, as a rookie, by deconstructing his letters and carefully transcribing his phrasing and word choices."
John Carlton, The Marketing Rebel Rant
"More Winners Than Anyone Else" —Phillips
"Best copywriter we've ever used. He's given us more winners, more consistently, than anyone else."
Phillips Publishing
"You can just about count the creative geniuses who revolutionized direct mail on the fingers of two hands....(They include) Gary Bencivenga."
Target Marketing (8/94 issue, page 14)
"Has Never Lost a Split-Run Test in Selling Our Books..."  —Rodale
"His name is the stuff of legend around here....Against other top creative talent, he has never lost a split-run test in selling any of our books."
Rodale Press
"Possibly the most respected copywriter in the direct marketing business."
Who's Mailing What
"There are, I'd say, only four or five 'A-level' direct response copywriters in the country, the true masters. There are as many as sixty or seventy 'B' and 'B+' writers, but just a tiny handful of 'As'. Gary Bencivenga is on the short list, as am I."
Gene Schwartz, world-famous copywriter and author, "Breakthrough Advertising"
"When people ask me to name the best copywriters in the world, I say with a wink and a smile, 'Well, I consider Gary Bencivenga the second best copywriter, after yours truly, of course.'"
Ted Nicholas, direct marketing legend
"The Michelangelo of direct mail copywriting." —Ken McCarthy
"Gary is the Michelangelo of direct mail copywriting...the 'low profile' ad writer who Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, John Carlton and many, many others look up to as the #1 practitioner of the art of direct mail copywriting. Gary is the man who most high level copywriters and mail order publishers acknowledge is the 'top dog' in terms of RESULTS."
Ken McCarthy, The System
"The David Ogilvy of Direct Response Copy." —Jeff Greenberg
"I thank Gary for helping me start the entrepreneurial life I always wanted and for helping me feel like I won the sweepstakes. When I was working as the Vice President of Marketing for the 'Louis Rukeyser Wall Street' newsletter, I was making more money and had more job security than I could ever imagine. My young family and I were set.

Why would I risk quitting, giving up my salary to start my own newsletter and if it was successful, I would not take home any money for at least another year? Why? Because Gary Bencivenga truly believed in my Charles Givens Newsletter concept and promised to write the copy. I was more excited to get Gary to write the promotional copy than to have Mr. Givens sign the license agreement!

Gary's promotion generated over $3 in revenue for every marketing dollar! Gary is the David Ogilvy of direct response copy."
Jeffrey G. Greenberg, President, J.G. Communications, Inc.
"Gary Is the World's Greatest Living Reason-Why Copywriter."
Alex Mandossian & Yanik Silver, internet marketing gurus
"Excellent ad writer."
John Caples, author, "Tested Advertising Methods"
"I am very sorry you left Ogilvy & Mather."
David Ogilvy, founder, Ogilvy & Mather
"'Best Copywriter in the World' Launches E-Letter Called Bencivenga Bullets"
Headline in Newsletter on Newsletters, January 31, 2004
"A Genius at Writing Copy" —Joe Vitale
"When I heard Gary Bencivenga just started his own newsletter, I instantly subscribed to it. Why? He's a genius at writing copy, he's studied under the legends (like John Caples) and his newsletter is free."
Dr. Joe Vitale (Mr. Fire)
"I don't see as many of Gary's ads as I used to, maybe because I've largely been living in Asia for the past few years. But when I do, they leap out at me. And often I shake my head in awe and wonder: 'How can anybody write so well?!'"
Dan Rosenthal (one of the world's great copywriters)
"In writing sales copy, the use of superlatives is discouraged. They're empty and meaningless.The only instance where they're permitted is when you have the evidence to back them up.

Gary Bencivenga is one of the greatest copywriters the world has ever known and he's got the track record to prove it. Instead of sitting on his laurels, he's dispensing a lifetime of priceless wisdom and experience in Bencivenga Bullets.

Ignore them at your peril.They're the best advice you'll find today on how to think and write like a marketing genius. If you read them carefully and commit them to memory, you'll improve instantly and begin to make more money for yourself and your clients.

You'll also be in the company of a gentleman.There are few e-mail messages I'm dying to open, but Bencivenga Bullets tops the list. Thank you, Gary."
Robert Lerose, direct response copywriter
"Hi, Mr. Bencivenga:
Yesterday I went to a crash course seminar on marketing put together by Jay Abraham in Los Angeles. I asked Jay if he knew John Carlton, Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert? He said yes. Then I said, in your opinion who is the best copywriter of the world? He asked me, do you have millions of dollars in your bank account? I said why?

Then he said, there's a guy who'll only talk to you if you have millions in your pocket. I said, who? He said, Gary Bencivenga. But you simply can't get him even if you have the money. You gotta wait on line. Oh, if he only knew you were on the phone with me a couple days ago!

Anyway I just wanted to share this with you. Best to you and your family—from me and my family. Have a great weekend."
Martin Gutierrez, San Diego, CA
"The Guru's Guru" —Steve King
"Gary, I am still in deep shock. An email from the world's greatest copywriter. It's like getting a signed Monet from Monet. Yes I am a copywriter. I have every book, every course, every tape. All the gurus—Kennedy, Halbert and Carlton. Everything they ever breathe, I read. They all mention one person. The greatest. The Guru's guru. The one and only Gary Bencivenga.

Gary, you have never written a book, tape or seminar. Which if you think about it, is unbelievably cool. Gary please, please publish a course. If it is in any way possible, please let me have an advance copy. And don't let anybody else have it! It will be the most valuable copywriting material on earth. Money is no object. Well, nearly no object.

For 12 long years I have studied all the legends. I have had great success and fortune. But there is a missing link. The ultimate answer. Your stuff! Please let me know the second it is ready. I just can't wait to read it."
Steve King, Devon, England
"World's Greatest Living Copywriter Reveals His Secrets—Yours FREE!"Bob Bly
"If Gary Bencivenga is not the world's greatest living copywriter (and I suspect he may be, at times!), he's certainly among the top five. Anything Gary says about sales or marketing is worth paying attention to. And now you can profit from his wisdom and experience at no charge.

How? By subscribing to his new FREE ezine,Bencivenga Bullets. I know you are overloaded with ezines and other online marketing material, but this is one you MUST read—a real diamond among the lumps of coal in your e-mail in-box.

Every piece of advice is a gem! Take a second to subscribe now so you don't miss even a single issue. You will thank me later."
Bob Bly, world-famous copywriter, author of numerous books on marketing
"Since I started writing direct mail, I've heard of the legendary Gary Bencivenga. His work and his success is the 'gold standard' we who toil in his shadow strive for. Now, finally, he's revealing his priceless secrets in Bencivenga Bullets. I eagerly devour each one as it arrives and read it again and again to suck out every last ounce of priceless wisdom. I can't imagine any writer or marketer who wouldn't benefit from doing the same."
David Deutsch, world-famous copywriter and author of "Million Dollar Marketing Secrets"
"Gary is the copywriter everyone is in awe of, including me."
David Garfinkel, author, "Copywriting Templates"
"About those Bullets! When I read Gary Bencivenga's five word question, it put what I do in a whole new perspective. I realized that this was and still is the question that every marketer and business owner needs to ask ongoingly. It solves the riddle of how to get into the mind of your customer, client or patient. I have since run a entire staff training on just this provocative question. The answer has already created some breakthroughs."
Charles W Martin, DDS, MAGD, DICOI, FIADFE, Affluent Practice Systems

Come Share My Passion for Boosting Your Response, Your Conversion Rate, Your Profits

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To some, it would seem a sadly unbalanced life—to devote some 38 years and counting to discovering the secrets of boosting advertising response.

It is regrettably true that, as a 21st century man, I know nothing about how to fix a car or miter a molding.

I have never, in my entire life, balanced a checkbook. My wonderful wife, Pauline, patiently handles all such trivia so I can focus on what really matters in life, which from my lamentably narrow perspective means studying the most effective techniques of persuasion and scheming with my clients to boost their response.

Renaissance man? You must be joking. About 98% of the questions on Jeopardy leave me clueless. For heaven sakes, I have trouble with the questions on Hollywood Squares. Ask me to name the capital of Norway or the prime minister of France, and I’ll stare at you as blankly as a dead mackerel.

But ask me to cite the most reliable ways to beat your control ad right now, and I could rattle off a dozen in my deepest REM sleep.

Like a chess master who has memorized thousands of lethally effective opening gambits, or a master salesperson with dozens of proven, remarkably effective closing strategies on the tip of his or her tongue, I can tell you about scores of masterful techniques that will tweak, goose and explode the response of your promotions by 50% to 200% or more, both online and off.

For example, in Bencivenga Bullets, I’ll tell you about proven, control-beating headlines, offers, formats, and irresistibly persuasive copy blocks that are working right now to skyrocket response. These priceless, powerful levers of higher response have not only beaten strong control packages and ads with remarkable consistency, but are also making fortunes for their advertisers.

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The best part is, you can recycle any of them because they usually set new response records again and again whenever you apply them anew to a different product, premium or industry. Yet very few advertisers know about them, or when and how to use them to maximum effect.

No, I’m not writing this free ezine to get new clients. I can’t accept any more assignments. I am entering a pleasant semi-retirement now, working exclusively on my own projects and an occasional critique or revision for long-standing clients.

I’m at the point in my life (age 58) where I’d like to share with others the secrets that were shared so generously with me, secrets of persuasion-in-print that have made fortunes for my clients and given me and my family a very comfortable life.

For Example, in Bencivenga Bullets, You’ll Discover…

  • How to uncover large new “starving crowds” of prospects who spend like sailors on leave.
  • The greatest advertising secret ever discovered, and how it can make each of your advertising dollars do the work of nine or ten.
  • Why the two most powerful words in advertising are no longer NEW and FREE. You’ll be shocked at what they are. Understand the secret behind these two simple words, and you will have cracked a whole new code, tapped into an atomic power for exploding response higher.
  • The most important advertising question. Just five simple words, but they trigger more giant breakthroughs than any other sentence ever spoken.
  • How to use the laws of psychology to increase your response. There’s a vast universe of scientific research in psychology that direct marketers have blithely ignored. But my clients and I have been looting this gold mine for years, taking out wagonloads of marketing gold with no competition. From now on, you too will know the most effective “psychological triggers” that make people jump at your offer, buy in larger volume, then come back to buy again with greater frequency and aggressiveness.
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    New ways to apply salesmanship-in-advertising. You’ll learn lots of simple secrets that translate the laws of compelling salesmanship into direct response copy. For example, you’ll discover ingenious closing secrets used by the greatest salespeople in other fields and see exactly how to apply them in direct marketing.
  • Simple—sometimes even illogical—strategies that almost always give you a 35% to 100% pop in response and profits. No one knows why these offbeat techniques work, only that they do.
  • Which ads pulled best? Results of numerous splitrun tests of headlines, designs, formats, offers, premiums, guarantees, etc. Many surprises here, and all of them can lift your response from 20% to 150% or more.
  • How to manipulate the law of supply-demand with astonishing results. Example: most marketers focus exclusively on creating demand. But you can often sell a lot more easily by restricting the supply or availability of your product or premium. You’ll see many creative ways to do this with results that will amaze you.
  • How you can increase your chances of success when launching a new product by 300%-500% with another simple strategy. Yet very few marketers, even veterans, have ever heard of this.
  • What two-way mirror studies have proven about how people open and read their mail, and how to use these findings to boost your response dramatically.

Breakthrough Tips for Selling Online

The internet is the world’s cheapest printing press hooked up to the world’s cheapest post office. Claude Hopkins, John Caples, David Ogilvy—all of the advertising greats would have been in ecstacy over this medium.

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Yet with blind and deaf spam filters blocking your email, combined with the sheer volume of email, very few direct marketers know how to take full advantage of this incredible marketing machine.

But a few of us do. I’ll share what the most successful money-makers are doing, and what our internet controls have in common. Repeat these strategies and, in no time, you will be sinking your own deep wells into this vast new reservoir, triggering geysers of profits.

Trust me, you have no idea of how powerfully the internet is making money for a few clever marketers. Surprisingly, the most successful online marketers are breaking almost all the rules being taught at seminars by internet “gurus.” It’s true—these unorthodox strategies are far outselling what almost everyone else is doing.

For example….

  • How to harness today’s most powerful secrets of viral marketing (where your prospects and customers become your enthusiastic sales force).
  • Why this simplified website strategy is outselling every other approach. And it makes perfect sense for anyone who understands direct marketing.
  • How to use the internet to pretest products and direct response campaigns before you invest a lot of money.
  • How to write Google ads that break the bank.
  • Why you don’t just want hits at your website. Hits stands for “How Idiots Track Success”! You want sales. Here’s how to harness the internet to deliver them in abundance.
  • The smartest ways to make your website “sticky,” so visitors stay longer, spend more.
  • Why getting people to pay you by the month for an ongoing membership is the hottest new trend on the web. How to make it almost irresistible for prospects to sign up and shower you with delightful, automatically-self-renewing revenue streams. For internet marketers, this highly-successful business model is a dream-come-true. Forget those who say that all internet content “wants to be free.” Follow this contrarian strategy and start to make a fortune right now.
  • The single most important secret for marketing anything online. Violating this rule is the most common cause of failure.
  • The 3 best no-cost, low-cost ways to build your own huge house list online.
  • How to double or triple your closing ratio of visitors who land on your website.

And, as we copywriters love to say, much, much more.

Best of all, you don’t have to buy a thing, now or ever. Just sign up in the box below and Bencivenga Bullets is yours free.

The Powerful Little Response-Boosting Secret I Guarantee Nobody Has Ever Told You

In your very first Bencivenga Bullet, you will discover a little secret that will make your prospects and customers want to bond with you for life.

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Nobody has ever told you about this technique, I promise. It works like a charm in making prospects and customers want to do business with you and only you, even in highly competitive markets.

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Gary Bencivenga

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